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Those Before Us is the convergence of our past, present and future. Through a mysterious voice from the future, you will embark on a journey to different spaces throughout history, witnessing memories that could have existed there which are given an emotional life through dancers. As you progress, you will begin to piece together these stories all for a higher purpose, in hopes to help this person from the future heal their broken world.

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Writers - Jesse Carrey (1637), Stephen Carrey-Chan (1964), Kimberly Dodson (1917), Alex Spieth (1878), Katya Stepanov (Meta-Narrative)

Dancers - Daan Bootsma (1637), Mallory Galarza (1878), Kerime Konur (1964), Ashton Muniz (1917)

Meta-Narrative Voiceover Actors- Vincent Lidie (Maya), Katya Stepanov (Host)

Micro-Narrative Voiceover Actors - Jesse Carrey (1637), Zach Fifer (1964), Ashton Muniz (1917), Grace Rao (1878)


Director - Jesse Carrey

Executive Production - Rebis

Lead Experience Designer - Katya Stepanov

Lead Writer - Stephen Carrey-Chan

Producer - Becca Barrett

Co-Marketing Directors - Michaela Holland and Karena Phan

PR Director - Toro Adeyemi

PR Assistant - Madga Cychowski

Brand Designer - Queenie Wu

Unity Developer - Daniel King

Sound Designer - Alex Ryaboy

Costume Designer - Olivia Hearn

Photographer - Mike Esperanza

Videographer - Corey Hess

Front of House - Nick Lambrakis, Maya Singer


Ravel: Miroirs, M. 43: III. Une barque sur l'ocean - Maruice Ravel, Bertrand Chamayou

DNA - Akira Kosemura

Der Fluyten Lust-Hof: 130. Lavolette - Jacob van Eyck, Lucie Horsch

Variaties over Psalm 33 - Jacob van Eyck, Camerata Trajectina

In the Pines - Loretta Lynn

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - The Mills Brothers, Louis Armstrong

I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier - Morton Harvey

I Ain't Got Nobody - Louis Armstrong

A Summer Song - Chad & Jeremy

I Wish I Knew How it would Feel to be Free - Nina Simone

Nature Flute: Calling To the Forest - Tribe: Native American Drums and Flute Music

Tribal Drums - Tribe: Native American Drums and Flute Music